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Texas State Law: No Taxes on Baked Goods

Great Tax Relief For Cookies Lovers!

A One Week Lead Time(Min.)Is Required For All Fundraising!

NOTICE: We Are Currently Developing New Fundraising Options!

Raise The Funds With Our Gourmet 'MUNCHKINS' Bite-Sized Cookies or Our Single Bag SIX-PACKS!

NOTICE: We Are Currently Developing New Fundraising Options For Your Event or Cause To Make Raising Funds That Much Easier! Coming Very Soon!

"Download our Fundraiser Order Form Below To See The MUNCHKINS Flavors That Are Available".

So tell me,...who doesn't like sweets? Everyone has a sweet tooth. And coupled with a great cause and fabulously delicious gourmet cookies along with 15% from Net Sales, all you will be hearing is CHA-CHING! All you have to do is bring the people and we'll bring the food. 

Whether you are representing a school, club or any 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we are looking forward to assisting you with your fundraisers, now and in the future. Simply let us know your fundraising goal(s) are we will make sure you are adequately supplied with everything you'll need to succeed.


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Download and make as many copies as you will need for your fundraising event.

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Get 5% off your first dozen of Premium Cake & Pie Cookies when you sign up for our GPCC Cookie Club! BONUS: Get 'Unadvertised' Discounts and Freebies on our Test Products. Our Test Products are new cookies, pastries etc., that we create/develop periodically to get customer feedback on. And your decisions will determine if we add those to our menu.